Saturday, January 11, 2014

What's up Y'all

So as you where all fore warned The Fly River Turtle is a warmwater creature and therefore spent most of the winter hibernating! As I look at my blog I haven't touched it since last month (I figured I was going to be inactive but geez) I've actually got a lot to write about, I finally got my DIABLO!!!!! look for a full and continued write up on that,
Received an awesome Christmas gift from dragonfly angler, look for multiple write ups about the great things coming from this guy 

Made my own custom Eagle Claw switch rod (insert evil laugh here)

And continue to try to tie my ultimate craw

Last but not least please check out I don't think I've ever been touched more by a project she's wanting to use horses to take people that have disabilities fly fishing, it's awesome just to hear her idea, "she had me at hello" lol but for real check it out she is legit, I gotta say the 2 coolest things I've been able to see was watching disabled vets fly fish and watching disabled kids ride horses you put those together that's a lot of stoke!!!!!
But at any rate, Stay Fly, Be Blessed, see you on the water