Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So it's been a while........

When I started this blog I had the intent of keeping it up but like so many things in life they often get put on the back burner. My schedule at work has changed and it ended up putting a little more stress on me than I expected. I haven't been on the water as much, haven't been tying as much, and as you can see haven't been talking as much. Rest a sure I still fish any time I can and I still tie when I feel the need but, life has been getting in the way! I've been doing some soul searching and trying to find myself amongst the chaos that is life, I'm sure we all do this trying to balance work, finances, bills, family, goals, wants, needs, and fishing.
  I have long claimed to be a sufferer of TAS or Terminal Angler Syndrome, I must fish it is who I am, it is my center, the meat of what I am. Ask anybody that knows me, I get grumpy, moody, irritable, if I'm not on the water. My out look is grim, life is not full!
 I have been blessed to keep "the beast at bay" I had an awesome trip down the Colorado with a good friend of mine in a drift boat, caught some really great fish, and had an awesome time.
Also I must thank my good friend Brandon for the many outings we have taken here on the Brazos
Brandon riding my Diablo

So I guess my point of all of this is to give you a brief insight into what's up with me and that yes I'm still out here fishing when I can and doing what I do. I really hope that I will pick up my blog better and get back to doing what I do. I will do my best to bring you more fly and paddling awesomeness from here in Texas, and other things that I find! I want to thank all of you that follow my blog and as always ,
Stay Fly, Be Blessed, See you on the River,

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