Thursday, October 31, 2013


Some footage I clipper this morning from Brushy Creek random snag off the net.

   Looks like the Texas Hill Country got a bit of much needed rain last night, heard the Blanco crested around 80,000cfs, and the Guad came within 10 feet of the 1998 water mark! Just a quick bit from a seasoned river bum, always pay attention on the rivers they can go from a peaceful river to a raging torrent in a mater of seconds. When you are planning a trip don't just look at the weather where you are but up stream and up to the head waters. Always look, listen, and feel when on the water, normally the first thing you will notice is a change in water color, I've been on the Frio thigh deep fishing, when I got in I could count the hair on my toes, 30 minutes later I couldn't see my toes I went up to higher ground 5 minutes later about a 5 foot wall came down and the river blew out, (FYI that's a small Texas Hill Country river rise), Listen a lot of time you can be on a river and you can hear the flow pick up maybe the sound of the small rapids up stream is a little louder, don't wait for that roar of rolling water get out look around see what happens. Lastly feel I've noticed in a few occasions that you can feel a temp change in the water, I was on the Llano fishing out of a small boat many years ago I had gotten out of the boat to wade around and after a bit I noticed a change in water temp it was a bright sunny spring day just outside of Llano but earlier in between Junction and Mason they had a good shower, I started to look around and notice the water had risen slightly and soon after the water changed color, the next think I know I'm running up hill dragging a 14ft boat and 5hp evinrude up a hill with water literally nipping at my heals!
  Also never try to cross a river when it's over the road, they use to say if you can't see the stripe don't cross but remember if a puddle can make your car hydroplane that same amount of water with force behind it can push your can off the road if there is another route  take it don't risk it. I was living in Leakey, TX when the big floods of 1998 happened and spent lots of time pulling trucks out of tree tops and cars out of creek beds luckily unoccupied. To coin the phrase Turn Around DON'T DROWN
  I know to many of you we live this everyday it part of being River Turtles, we know when the river is not right, many of us have pushed are luck and made it out ok, but the worst thing about luck is it can run out!!
   Be Blessed, Fish on, See you on the river,
The Fly River Turtle

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