Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Fly River Turtle (because nobody likes a rat)

 The first time my toes hit the water I was addicted! My whole world began to revolve around Texas Hill Country rivers and creeks (later found out other places have them too) all I wanted to do was be on the water , fish, canoe, kayak, and just spend time playing on the water!
  As a child my life revolved around trips to Stevens Creek, Johnson Creek, Seco Creek, The Frio, Llano and Guad . Trips to the river where a blessed a sacred time, it started with anywhere I could go with a zebco 33 and grew into an ultra light spinning reel and canoe.
  Went to high school in Leakey TX on the clear and cold Frio River. We had a long off campus lunch that we'd spend going down to the river for a quick fish or just to check the flow. During class we'd pass note trying to figure out what crossing we'd put in at and where we'd fish. We soon became known as Frio river rats,I didn't pay it much mind. The term followed in every river town I was in, I was tagged a river rat, so it stuck. When I picked up fly fishing I became the Fly River rat, 
   I've really started to think about it and I don't really like rats! Besides what does a rat have to do with loving the river. I've seen a few rats in the river but most fell or got washed in and where trying desperately to get out. There is the nutra rat but it's an invasive species and does little to help the river!
   So I've decided if I'm going to be coined as an animal it might as well be associated with the rivers I love, and hey I like turtles! So I'm going to coin the name The Fly River Turtle (what do you think) besides turtles like to sun themselves with there feet in the water, spend all there time on the water, and oh CATCH FISH. So what do you think should I start the River Turtle revolution? I think I'm gonna go with it! But at any rate
Be Blessed, Fish On, See you on the water

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