Monday, November 25, 2013

Dreaming of Warmer Times

  I must admit November - February is my least favorite time of the year, I do not like cold!! Luckily in Texas we have short reprieves from the murder that is cold ( FYI in the book of The Fly River Turtle under 60 is COLD) although this week has not been one, it's cold like ice and stuff cold. I was doing laundry at the house and pulled a pair of shorts out of the dyer and thought man I just wore these last week. but since Friday it's been pants, hoodies, vest, jackets, flannel and work!
  I probably might not post much in the cold times of the year, my brain goes into survive until it gets warmer mode!! I've been doing a little tying and surfing youtube for motivation. I tied up this articulated streamer based on a foxy clouser turned out kind of cool.

Looks cooler in person tied in some old jig skirt and some eyes in the tail looks cool if we get some warm days, I'm gonna fish it thinking in current with the heavy head and long articulated tail it'll fish low and slow in current and just wave come and get it!!

 I also came across a sweet video on youTube of one of my best bros, fishing for one of my favorite fish on my favorite fly rod,

great carp fishing on a 6'6" claw look at that bend, check out Brandon on
he's a fly pimp although he's been a little preoccupied I'm super happy for him!!
But at any rate
Stay Fly, Be Blessed, See ya on the water,

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