Sunday, November 17, 2013

Llano Bug

Ok so I've seen a lot of talk and chat about the Llano Bug being I don't have video editing capabilities, I'm photo storyboarding this one ,

This is what you need....
I use a tiemco 200r on most sizes, this is a 4, some 2-3mm foam, deer hair, round rubber legs, and antron chenille or dubbing (use a synthetic it won't soak up water)

wrap a thread base on to your hook to about the barb then crush the barb

cut a strip of foam about the width of the hook gap then cut the tip into a "picket fence"

 massage the foam you will use and tie in to between your fingers
 tie the pointed end on to the hook, start in the middle capture forward then back to your thread wrap
 tie in one end of your chenille (if using dubbing you can tie a dubbing noodle or dub your thread) then wrap forward about 2/3 the way, tie off and trim
 pull over the foam strip and flatten it down and tie in to just behind the hook eye

 grab 2 rubber legs (I leave them together) capture on top then move in place and tie in full length, repeat on other side
 grab a small clump of deer hair and put it in a stacker holding the tips tie it into the thorax trim excess

grab a small piece of chenille or dubbing and "dub the thorax"

 pull the foam over to form a head tie in with 5-6 good wraps then add a couple half hitches
 trim the foam leaving a small flap
these are awesome flies and I tie them from a massive size 2 on a TMC 8089 to a size 12 on a 200r
great for carp, smallies, largemouth, and a variety of panfish I even caught a catfish on one, yup on top!!!
But at any rate
Stay Fly, Be Blessed, See you on the water,


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. This is a popular pattern than has lacked a decent on-line tutorial and recipe for quite some time.

  2. Thanks this is truly an awesome versatile fly try different colors of foam and dubbing FYI I get my foam at craft stores for like a buck a sheet, hoping to get my video stuff up and do some good videos